Marketing and Sales

Sales and marketing are crucial pillars of every business.

They are closely linked and act as a catalyst for generating revenue (profit). Marketing is the function of activities to improve the processes of creating, communicating, presenting or exchanging offers that create value for customers, partners and society holistically while sales are the bridge between marketing activities and obtaining a service or product by the customer. = =

Why marketing and sales?

The marketing and sales plan is considerable in terms of taking into account the resources available in the organization as well as the defined decisions in the business development plan, the products/services of the organization are introduced to the target customers and through gaining their trust and by promoting the earning and recognition of the organization is facilitated. consequently, the sales and marketing consultant make companies reach their business goals and realize their long-term growth through the appropriate design and implementation of the marketing and sales plan. the use of these services can be particularly fruitful for organizations.

Increasing market share and segments.

  • Creating a sustainable competitive privileges.
  • income raise.
  • Reducing advertising costs and inefficient sales.
  • Increase satisfaction and enhance customer experience.
  • Creating loyalty network in customers.
  • improvement of brand position in the market.
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Marketing and sales support services of Metazi group will accompany you by providing a comprehensive marketing and sales plan including:

  • Reviewing the environmental factors affecting the organization’s marketing and sales.
  • Identifying and analyzing market opportunities and limitations via up-to-date models.
  • Designing sales and marketing strategy.
  • Presenting the proposed plan in most of the comprehensive models of the marketing industry such as STP, GTM. . .
  • Implementation of the proposed plan.
  • Digital marketing services.
  • Periodic reports on evaluation and process control.

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