International Financial Markets

International financial markets refer to the platforms through which it is possible to connect to the network of financial exchanges at the global level.

In fact, in this market, any need to make financial interaction with people around the world, as well as investing in the desired assets, can be done globally. In other words, any cross-border financial relationship (transfers, investments, etc.) with counterparts, service providers, individuals, etc., to meet their own needs or others, is considered as international financial interactions where individuals or groups make these exchanges. In this regard, one of the most important existing companies are brokers and exchange offices, which easily meet the needs of individuals and companies in the international financial markets. Why international financial markets?

Due to the increasing role of creating financial exchanges at the international level and following the special attention governments, companies, individuals to this market, especially after the emergence of Blockchain and the introduction of Bitcoin, an attractive platform has been provided for companies to provide Mediation services in this platform to earn money. In such a way that the volume of daily transactions in the forex market as the most important platform for conducting international financial exchanges is estimated to be around 6.7 trillion dollars. In this regard, acting as an intermediary of financial transactions under the title of a forex broker or cryptocurrency exchange can achieve significant income for investors.

the achievements resulting from the presence of companies under the title of forex broker or cryptocurrency exchange can be as follows: • Presence in the largest growing industry in the world • The formation of a high income generating path

• The possibility of providing B2C and B2B services

  • • Creating a strong employer brand for holding companies
  • • Easier access to international financial markets
  • Metazi services in international Financial Markets
  • Metazi Consulting Group, with experienced and expert team in the field of providing consulting services to applicants for creating Forex brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges at the domestic and international level, can accompany you by providing the following services:
  • • Conducting specialized research of the international financial industry to enter the market

• Complete setup of forex broker and cryptocurrency exchange (site, payment gateway, etc.)

  • • Signing contracts with all companies that provide services required by Forex brokers and cryptocurrency exchanges (Liquidity Provider, Bridge, Payment gateway, etc.)
  • • Obtaining legal licenses and regulations for forex brokers
  • • Entering new markets in other target countries
  • • Specialized marketing services for international financial markets
  • اخذ مجوزهای قانونی و رگولیشن‌ها برای بروکرهای فارکس
  • ورود به بازارهای جدید در سایر کشورهای هدف
  • خدمات تخصصی مارکتینگ ویژه بازارهای مالی بین‌الملل

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